Harris schools consult on changing their admissions policy - urgent action needed!

An issue that is relevant for most parents with children at Clock House ward primary schools has recently emerged.
It appears that Harris Bromley (was Cator Park) and Harris Beckenham (was Kelsey Park) plan to change their admissions rules to give automatic priority to those children at Harris Primary schools (including potentially Kent House and Bromley Road also). On their figures, for the first year alone, this could mean the loss of 25% and 16% respectively of each schools’ Y7 places! 
In addition, the consultation period for Harris Beckenham is only until 19 Jan (31 Jan for Harris Bromley) so if you have any comments on these plans please submit them by then. 
That is the end of next week!

Further information and how to put forward your comments is at: Harris Bromley: http://www.harrisbromley.org.uk/242/academy-admissions/

and Harris Beckenham: http://www.harrisbeckenham.org.uk/4…/admissions-consultation

This could be very worrying for parents at Alexandra, Balgowan, Churchfields, Marian Vian and Stewart Fleming in Clock House ward. Obviously if these two schools are going to favour their own feeder primaries, then pupils at other schools - including those listed - could be potentially squeezed out.

It could be argued that this new criterion, if implemented, is not appropriate given local circumstances i.e. the shortage of local secondary places, which will clearly disadvantage a high proportion of children living in close proximity to the school and making worse areas that are already poorly served. Also the selection of a feeder school is not transparent in that it wasn't clear to primary age parents at the time they were making admissions decisions.

I wonder also if affected parents could could refer it to the school adjudicator on the grounds I've suggested, or on any other grounds that you like:


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