Bromley Lib Dems welcome Goddington Road proposals

Bromley Lib Dems generally welcome proposals to upgrade the road layout on Court Road (A224) between Charterhouse Road and Goddington Road junctions, including road narrowing, upgrading pedestrian islands and the reduction in the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph for a small stretch. The intention is to improve road safety and make the area more friendly for pedestrians wishing to use the recreational facilities at Goddington Park or Westcombe Rugby Club.

Bromley Council completed a three week online consultation for in early January 2022 – in which comments revealed some local support for further speed limit reductions – either a 20 mph limit in the area in which the works are proposed or an extending 30 mph down Court Road – which the Council have rejected on the basis that it might lead to traffic being diverted along nearby residential roads.  In Bromley Lib Dem’s view this seems unlikely - if you look at the map – there are no quicker or parallel routes to use than the A224. Motorists might ignore the lower limit but they would be unlikely to turn off the A224 itself.

We would support an extension of the 30 mph limit down Court Road to the Nugent Centre on the basis of amenity to pedestrians as it essentially a residential area, and road safety

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