General Election Appeal

General Election Appeal


In Bromley Borough (which covers the constituencies of Beckenham, Bromley & Chislehurst and Orpington) we need £25,000 to fight the Tories in the forthcoming General Election - will you consider donating £25 to our fighting fund?

The Lib Dems passionately believe that the UK is stronger in the European Union.   We have led the fight to stop Brexit for over 3 years.  While the Tories rip themselves apart our country is in crisis. 

In Conservative dominated Bromley, we have a real chance to stop the Tories.   Local people are telling us that the Tories no longer speak for them.   They are switching to the Lib Dems as the party who shares their values of openness, tolerance and fairness.         

We need to get our message out to the people of Bromley.  We don't have money from big business like the Conservatives or from unions like the Labour party, we rely on donations from individual people to support us.   With £25,000 we can get literature to every house in the Borough.

Can you help us by making a donation today?

Donate £25 for our General Election Fighting Fund