Flooding risks on major Developments

We should not forget the dramatic flooding experienced by parts of London, including near the River Cray, during our summer months in 2021. This caused costs to fall on some residents whose homes were affected and potentially will be a concern for insurance in the future.

Reportedly there are proposals for a further 1000 additional homes on a greenfield site in the Crays as well as almost 1000 more flats in the redevelopment in the Walnuts Centre. This creates additional pressure on the sewage and drainedge system from increased population as well as the increased hard surface area. (Over Christmas period, Kent Online has reported an example from Ashford – manhole cover failed, and sewage had flooded into a garden where there had been a (relatively small) flat development)

If these large developments go ahead in Bromley and Orpington there must be improvement and extra capacity made available for the sewage and drainage system, in order to mitigate the increased risk of flooding.  The environmental consequences and costs should not simply be allowed to fall on homeowners/residents while the developers make their profits and leave. We need to make sure that a suitable payment or bond is given by the developers to cover this aspect as a pre-requisite for such large scale developments.

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