Extension Rebellion - Liberal Democrats support their aims

  • The Liberal Democrats have been at the forefront on climate change, calling for action long before Labour or the Tories, and we intend to stay there.
  • Liberal Democrats are supportive of the aims of Extinction Rebellion to start meaningfully dealing with the climate emergency, and of course support their right to protest and draw attention to this important issue.
  • Some of Extinction Rebellion's actions have been counter-productive. Disrupting public transport seems to contradict the aims of cutting emissions and tackling climate change. 
  • However, unless there is urgent action to tackle out of control transport emissions, our environment and the health of future generations will suffer. People deserve better, and Liberal Democrats demand better.
  • We need to take urgent action. Liberal Democrats have a detailed plan to tackle the climate emergency, achieving net-zero by 2045 at the very latest. With an emergency ten year program to do what we can now and cut emissions to 80% by 2030. 
  • The Tories must also reverse some of the most damaging decisions they’ve made for the climate, reversing subsidy cuts, bringing back zero-carbon homes, banning fracking and bringing forward the date for getting rid of fossil fuel powered cars. 
  • We also can’t just get our own house in order, we need to lead the world in partnership with our allies in the EU, particularly when the US have withdrawn from the Paris Agreement.

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