Elmfield Road Consultation

Consultation has begun on the new plans to develop the old Conservative Club at 25 Elmfield Road.   

There is a real need for progress on this site – it’s become derelict and is attracting a lot of anti social behaviour.   The new plans are for an 8 storey building which is much improved from the previous plans for 16 and 12 storeys.   There will be office space on the ground floor and 66 residential units including affordable housing, but we’ve yet to hear details about how much and how affordable. 

The developers have committed to work with the Council to make improvements to the pavement and underpass areas including landscaping and improved lighting.

Elmfield Road   

So initially a cautious welcome, although consultation will continue and there are some concerns, including worries about the balconies that will overlook houses in Chase, Rafford and Palace View.  

The plans are at consultation stage, and nothing has yet been submitted for planning approval.   You can see their consultation document here.   The developers are keen to hear community views – you can email [email protected].   They’re undertaking some consultation sessions and there was a good turnout (90+) at the recent consultation at Bromley Parish Church on 7th February. 

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