Ed Davey launches Bromley's 2022 Campaign

Ed Davey MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, came to Bromley (via Zoom) on 20 May to launch the local party's campaign to get Liberal Democrats elected to Bromley Council in 2022.  He was joined by the deputy leader of the party, Daisy Cooper MP.  

With just over 11 months until the local elections Ed Davey commended the local team for starting promptly, emphasising that while there is optimism in the local party on the basis of some very close 2nd places in 2018 we do need to talk to voters about our policies and make sure they know that we have realistic and deliverable policies that can make a real difference to people in Bromley. 

"We want a Bromley that is fairer, greener and more caring than it is now.   And we have the track record to show that we have realistic practical policies that can deliver that." He highlighted our track record on environmental policies.   4 out of the 5 top councils in recycling in England are Lib Dem run councils.   In national government, Lib Dems were responsible for nearly quadrupling Britain's renewable power and made us world leaders in offshore wind.  

Daisy Cooper also expressed confidence in the local team, encouraging them to look at her experience in St Albans where they overturned a Conservative majority and now lead the council.  A trend we have seen in many areas in Southern England.  "Many people in these areas share our values and our shared commitment to public services, our support for small businesses and our commitment to supporting our communities.  "

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