Does Bromley have healthy streets?

In the latest Healthy Streets Scorecard, Bromley comes out near the bottom of the table (27th out of 33 London Boroughs).  

So what is the picture for the health of Bromley’s streets?

Bromley has some of the lowest scores in several indicators, from low level use of sustainable modes of transport, high levels of car ownership; the lowest level of roads with a 20mph speed limit (along with Barnet), and low provision of protected cycle track. Interestingly, despite how green and beautiful our borough is, levels of regular cycling are among the lowest across London. 

Five per cent of Bromley’s schools now have School Streets, where traffic is restricted at arrival and departure times for the school pick-up and drop-offs (see our recent article about School Streets). This is a real step forward but is still much lower than the London average of 15%.

Bromley has relatively high levels of regular walking and low rates of road casualties amongst those walking, but the borough’s cycling casualty rate is well above the London average.

Bromley Lib Dems believe that there are achievable, affordable measure that can be taken now that will dramatically improve air quality and road safety, boost active lifestyles and reduce carbon emissions protecting residents and make the roads safer and healthier for all of us. 

London Boroughs Healthy Streets Scorecard, 2021 Factored Score,

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