Dave Marshall- 2022 Candidate


Dave has lived in Beckenham since 2017, drawn by parks, lively high streets and sense of community. Seeking a free, fair and open society he's a life-long Liberal Democrat voter and joined the party in 2016.

He has been an active local campaigner since 2018 on themes including:

• Air quality - demanding greater monitoring and ambition for improvement in particulate and NOx pollution in known hotspots.

• Green spaces - seeking guarantees for the protection of parks and other open spaces which are sanctuaries for many and have been particularly important during the Covid-19 pandemic.

• Active travel - calling for action at community-sourced locations for safer pedestrian and cycling routes to improve everyone's health through activity and cleaner air.

Dave will be a listening and caring representative for Beckenham, an enabler of the community, and a guide for good council decision-making.

When not campaigning, Dave works with digital products, a career he's enjoyed for nearly 10 years. In his free time is a perpetually mediocre guitarist.


Vote Dave Marshall in Beckenham Town & Copers Cope, for a Liberal voice on Bromley Council! 

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