Councillor Catch-Up: Renewal, Recreation and Housing PDS Committee, June 2022

Councillor Will Connolly attended his first Renewal, Recreation and Housing Policy Development and Scrutiny Committee (PDS) on 14th June. The Renewal, Recreation and Housing PDS Committee investigates executive decisions and develops and reviews policy in relation to the local economy, town planning and housing. Issues involve the development of Council plans and reviewing the working with partner groups such as local businesses, business support agencies, sub-regional and regional organisations, including the Greater London Authority (GLA). The Committee is also involved in the performance monitoring of services which are within the remit of the Renewal, Recreation and Housing Portfolio.

Here is Will’s report:

Reports concluded that there is a risk of increased homelessness and the associated costs particularly relating to the increased demand for placements across London. Plus, there is likely to be an increase in families requiring temporary accommodation across the Borough.

Investment in Beckenham Library is to be considered in summer 2022. An initial feasibility study which looked at moving the Library to Beckenham Public Halls found that option to be unsuitable.

There is a considerable delay on minor planning applications, and more information will be circulated on Bromley Council website; including a suspension on its pre-advice service.

Will asked officers and about access to Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds. There will be a chance to access/ scrutinise CIL funds, although, it was reported that there could be a couple of years wait.

On review of the Crystal Place Park development plans, Will asked why the National Sports Centre isn’t included. Officers reported that development of the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is the responsibility of the GLA; there is a separate workstream looking at investment and regeneration, but it seems this will take some time.


Cllr Will Connolly, Beckenham and Copers Cope Ward, member of the Renewal, Recreation and Housing PDS

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