Coronavirus - guidelines for volunteers

We're all keen to help each other and our community during the Coronavirus epidemic, but there are sensible rules and precautions we should follow.

Do not offer to pay for people's shopping.   At times it will be tempting but that isn't the service we're offering and if people approached us because they heard we are paying for shopping it would put other volunteers in a difficult position.  Refer them to food banks or other support agencies. 

Do not accept payment for e.g. petrol, time, expenses - just accept the exact cost of the shopping you've delivered.

Stay at the doorstep - i.e. don't go inside people's homes.  This is essential for people who are self-isolating.   You need to keep yourself safe as well as the person you're helping. 

Clean Hands - wash your hands before and after your visit.   If that's not possible within a few minutes of your visit we recommend use a hand sanitising gel or wipe.  

Listening helps - people are going to feel very lonely very soon.   If you can stay in touch with the person you've helped with an occasional phone call it could make a huge difference.

Don't go out if you're feeling unwell - even if you've promised to help someone, don't visit anyone if you're feeling unwell yourself.   There are other volunteers who will take over for you until you feel better.


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