Chislehurst Library

Controversy over the sale of Chislehurst Library has continued. Local Lib Dem Sam Webber has called the Council's decision to sell the site to property developers Prime plc, revealed during a meeting closed to the public, "arrogant and autocratic" because of the lack of scrutiny and disregard for the normal democratic processes.   "Certain councillors seem determined to use the limitations on council meetings caused by the pandemic as an opportunity to railroad decisions through."

Since then local residents have mounted a strong campaign on Twitter calling for the controversial sale to be "called-in", i.e. referred back for further consideration by a scrutiny committee before the sale can go through, on the grounds that the deal does not represent the best value for local people, and that the normal standards of scrutiny and transparency have not been met.    This can only be done by other councillors so we were pleased to hear that the Labour group have decided to support the call. 

Great work by all concerned, we'll keep a close eye on developments over the coming days.   




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