Bromley South Development - Churchill Quarter

The recently published Masterplan has been widely publicised in respect of the plans for the Churchill Quarter but it also includes significant plans for more development in Bromley South.


The plans encompass the redevelopment of Bromley South station, the parade of shops opposite and the area including Elmfield Road, Kentish Way, Bromley Police station, Waitrose and the High Street.  The Council is planning to redevelop this area to include more retail and office space as well as residential, including several new high buildings - a taller building opposite the station is specifically mentioned. 

It is clear that there will be several high rise buildings in this area - this outline shows the distinctive St Marks Square building on the right, and the tall buildings proposed in the Churchill Quarter on the left in orange, the pale pink buildings in between show the likely skyline of the new tall buildings


There is no mention of the proposed secondary school at 1 Westmoreland Road in the plan but this is covered under a separate page in this website.  

If you would like to give the council your opinion on these proposals you should use the same form as that for the Churchill Quarter - downloadable here.  

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