Bromley Residents Worried About Speeding and Dangerous Junctions

Results of Bromley Lib Dems’ Road Safety Survey

Bromley Lib Dems have been out and about asking Bromley residents for their views on road safety.

Our survey results showed that:

  • 84% were very concerned about speeding in their area.
  • 58% of respondents said they would walk more if the roads were safer, and 59% would cycle more - showing better road safety would encourage cars off the road.
  • When asked what particular changes would make them cycle more, the most popular responses were the better enforcement of speed limits, having more designated cycle lanes, and to better control parking in cycle lanes.

The survey asked about any particularly dangerous areas that could be improved, and some dangerous junctions figured high on the list:

In Beckenham, respondents highlighted South Eden Park road, Copers Cope Road/Southend Road, Foxgrove Road and Village Way.   In Bromley, Westmoreland Road, Homesdale Road, Hayes Lane and Shortlands Road were the most popular answers.   In Penge and Anerley Kent House Road, Whitmore Road and Churchfield Road were particularly highlighted.  

Residents were asked how they thought road safety could be improved in Bromley.  Overwhelmingly respondents wanted to see better enforcement of current speed limits and more pedestrian crossings.

Like the majority of respondents, the Lib Dems are worried about road safety here in Bromley, and speeding in particular. Lib Dem campaigner Julie Ireland said "Our roads are not safe enough. We want a change in approach from the council - so they are proactively making improvements, rather than reacting after serious accidents have already happened. We can see from this survey that people would walk and cycle more if they felt the roads were safer - taking cars off the road and improving the air we all breathe."

Bromley Lib Dems will now contact Bromley Council to find out what traffic plans are under consideration for the problem areas highlighted in the survey, making sure that they are aware of just how worried local people are about safety here. 

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