Bromley's recycling rate hits 8 year low

Bromley's recycling rate has dropped dramatically - in January and February 2021 the rate dropped to 34%.  The average for the year was 47%, the lowest rate for more than 8 years.

Bromley Liberal Democrats have asked for more information to find out where the problem has occurred.   We found out earlier in the year that 85% of paper and card collected for recycling was incinerated because it was too wet to be recycled.   The problem was caused by several months of very wet weather plus a leaking roof at the recycling centre.   We urged the council then to find some practical solutions to this problem - including providing recycling bins with lids, keeping local residents informed about the need to keep paper dry - the cost to the council financially is considerable but of course the longer term cost is the environmental damage and the loss of credibility in the service by residents who take time to separate their rubbish.  

The volume of household rubbish has increased everywhere during lockdown - most councils are reporting increases of up to 10% - but Bromley's increase was only 3% (2020/21 compared to 2019/20).  


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