Bromley Needs a Green Recovery

Whilst the Covid-19 crisis is dominating headlines, the climate crisis has not gone away. We can, and should, seize this opportunity to recover from the pandemic in a way that helps prevent future catastrophes.

The UK has been hit disproportionately hard by Covid-19

The damage done by Covid-19 is severe, and terribly unequal. The most vulnerable are hit hardest, through health and job losses. This mirrors the damage the climate crisis will do: the most vulnerable countries, and the most vulnerable people, will be worst affected.

The government's "New Deal" is far from the radical change it claims to be. It promises more of the same: much of it has been "oven ready" from before Covid-19. When just 6% of the country wants a return to business as usual, Johnson should take note that our appetite has changed.

We need a Green Recovery Plan

The world is unlikely to return exactly to how things were, and nor should it. Investment in environmentally-friendly infrastructure through a Green Recovery Plan is one way to heal in a healthy way.

National support of green initiatives can generate new jobs and protect our environment. This is not an either/or choice: we can do both. One particularly short-sighted recovery plan from Johnson is to build new roads, encouraging the use of polluting cars.

Locally enabling low-carbon ways of living is also crucial: councils across the country are improving infrastructure for walking and cycling. Millions have been promised but Bromley Council is dragging its feet. Our Council can't even bring itself to recognise there is a climate emergency.

We will emerge from the damage the Covid-19 crisis has caused, but we must also look to the future and prepare ourselves for the climate crisis. If not now, when?

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