Bromley EU Citizen Renters Plummets

EU nationals are leaving Bromley in a stark reminder of the impact of Brexit. And this shift in demographics may have unintended consequences.


The Bromley postcode area has seen a 14.7% percentage point drop in EU citizens taking out private tenancies in the past two years, according to research from a property technology company.

The number of EU nationals renting out properties in the BR postcode dropped from 28.6% to 13.9% between 2017 to 2019, analysis by firm Goodlord has revealed.

Chief operating officer at Goodlord Tom Mundy said: “The EU referendum result has had a clear impact on the letting markets in London.

“We’ve seen the number of EU nationals signing leases steadily decreasing across the board, meaning UK residents now represent a greater proportion of tenants across the whole of London.”

The proportion of UK citizens taking out tenancies in the BR postcode went up from 62.9% to 75.1% between 2017 and 2019, Goodlord’s research – carried out for private tenancies across the whole of London - showed.

This research is startling, showing Bromley as one of the boroughs fastest becoming less diverse: a problem Bromley already suffers from. EU nationals are crucial to London's services and culture: a Liberal Bromley would be an inclusive and diverse borough, open to all. The Tory government's agenda to brand those other than wealthy and degree-educated as "unskilled" can only divide us and make it harder to fill crucial jobs from care workers to plumbers. 

But there is still time to pressure the government to rethink this ill-thought out strategy. The Liberal Democrats will be at the forefront of resisting this regressive plan.

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