Bromley Council have no plans to improve air quality

Bromley Council revealed to have no plans to improve air quality in the borough.  The Liberal Democrats have demanded Bromley Council take “urgent action” after revealing it has no up-to-date and publicly available monitoring of air quality within the Borough. 

The latest council air quality monitoring report from 2017 shows that Bromley regularly exceeds the recommended limits of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Bromley Council has failed to revise its air quality management strategy or provide automatic monitoring stations across the borough to provide residents with live information about air quality in their area.  Bromley is the only council in the South East who have failed to declare the borough as an Air Quality Management Area. 


Bromley Liberal Democrats demand better of Bromley Council. We demand a series of measures including:

  • more publicly available data on air quality monitoring in Bromley;
  • more automatic air quality monitors across the borough and;
  • a revision of the Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) plan this year.


Beckenham resident and Liberal Democrat spokesperson Jonathan Douglas-Green warned “urgent action” is needed to tackle poor air quality across the borough.  “Given the risk to health that Nitrogen Dioxide poses to residents, it is deeply concerning Bromley Council has no up to date strategy to improve the air quality across the borough.”

You can see information about Bromley's nitrogen dioxide levels here -

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is one of a group of gases called nitrogen oxides. Road transport is estimated to be responsible for about 50% of total emissions of nitrogen oxides, which means that nitrogen dioxide levels are highest close to busy roads and in large urban areas. Gas boilers in buildings are also a source of nitrogen oxides.  More information is available here - 

There is good evidence that nitrogen dioxide is harmful to health. The most common outcomes are respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath and cough. Nitrogen dioxide inflames the lining of the lung and reduces immunity to lung infections such as bronchitis. Studies also suggest that the health effects are more pronounced in people with asthma compared to healthy individuals.” Ref: London Air, ERG, King’s College London,


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