Bromley Brighter Beginnings

As we leave behind a very different Christmas we want to pay tribute to Bromley Brighter Beginnings, a voluntary group set up by local Mums 8 years ago which is dedicated to relieving child poverty across the London Borough of Bromley, They hit the headlines in November by raising over £10,000 in 24 hours to fund supermarket vouchers for vulnerable children over half term.

In November 2020 they stepped up in support of Marcus Rashford’s call to End Child Food Poverty after MPs voted against continuing to provide free school meals during the holidays.  They launched a campaign for donations to fund supermarket vouchers for children they support and they raised an incredible £10,000 in just 24 hours.   People from across Bromley donated in their droves.  And continue to donate.

Chair Emma Martin who set up the charity commented: “As a charity that works to relieve child poverty, we are witnessing the devastating impact the current economic crisis is having on more and more local families. As usual, it is the most vulnerable members of the community who are suffering the most.  Here at BBB, we have always relied on the collective action of the community to support its most vulnerable members. Yet even we are blown away by the incredible generosity of our supporters, who have mobilised with great speed to raise an incredible amount of money.

Since the success of their half-term campaign, the charity has continued with their work, providing basic essentials for vulnerable families living in poverty, such as nappies, baby formula, cots, buggies and clothes.  They are currently working hard to provide Christmas Hampers - Christmas can be an incredibly challenging time for many families, especially for those struggling financially or living in complicated circumstances. "Our hampers aren’t just about giving gifts; they are about pulling together as a community to help the families we support by reducing the stigma of poverty and relieving the stress and anxiety that Christmas can often bring. They not only provide joy through physical gifts and treats, but these hampers also have a positive impact on the mental health of both the children and their parents/carers."

So many groups and individuals have done amazing things during the pandemic, and we pay tribute to them all.  We wanted to highlight the work of  BBB in particular because of their work in Bromley for Bromley children supported by Bromley residents.  You can find out more about their work and how to support their campaigns here


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