Better Transport for Bromley


Bromley needs a coherent strategy for transport. Being the least densely populated borough of London poses unique challenges which require a joined-up approach between TfL, National Rail and Bromley Council. As we see it, the Tory-led council currently does not work in the interest of Bromley residents. 

Bromley is near the bottom of the league table for the health of streets and dependence on cars has contributed to Bromley having the highest rate of pollution-related deaths. Bromley has also bungled its co-operation with the failed Low-Traffic Neighbourhoods in Crystal Palace and made a hash of of changed cycle lanes in Albemarle Road.

We need a transport infrastructure that works for everyone: those who work locally and those who commute. We must ensure the borough works for drivers, cyclists, public transport users and pedestrians. We need safer streets to give people the choice on how to travel without worries about road accidents.

Bromley needs to petition and work with TfL and National Rail for improved public transport. This includes:

  • More accessible rail stations (including step free access and tactile paving), and campaigning for train services to work for local people
  • Pushing harder for green buses to cover the borough,
  • Extending cycle routes. 
  • Introducing more 20mph zones and use of school streets schemes to make roads safer for all, including schoolchildren (see our road safety campaign)
  • Use of Healthy Streets schemes and, with appropriate consultation, low-traffic neighbourhoods to encourage alternative means of transport.

To contact the Bromley Liberal Democrats transport policy group, e-mail: [email protected]

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