Better Transport


We need a transport infrastructure that works for everyone: those who work locally and those who commute. We must ensure the borough works for drivers, cyclists, public transport users and pedestrians. We want to see a plan for public transport with a long term aim to create good quality public transport for all which is run from 100% renewable sources.   

For public transport, we believe that trams can and should form a central part of Bromley’s transport system - you can read our plans for a tram system in Bromley here.  We also support the extension of the current bus network - based on a recent survey many users have told us of gaps in the service, problems with accessibility and timing issues are a deterrent from using buses - you can read our full report here.  We are urgently campaigning for a reinstatement of several train services that have been removed from our local timetables during the pandemic.  These include the Beckenham Junction to Blackfriars train and the reduction in trains using the Catford loop from Bromley South.  

Being the least densely populated borough of London poses unique challenges which require a joined-up approach between TfL, National Rail and Bromley Council.  Bromley is near the bottom of the league table for the health of streets and dependence on cars has contributed to Bromley having the highest rate of pollution-related deaths.  While Bromley Council cannot directly control the planning and design of our public transport system, their input will be pivotal in bringing real change.   Bromley needs to petition and work with the Mayor's Office, with TfL and National Rail for improved public transport. They need a clear long term plan to take to these authorities and work with them to achieve it.  The Government is showing us that there is money available for long term infrastructure, particularly buses outside London and public transport infrastructure - we need to make sure that our voice is heard.  

While working towards these long term goals there are several immediate actions that need to be taken:

  • More accessible rail stations (including step-free access and tactile paving), and campaigning for train services to work for local people
  • Pushing harder for green buses to cover the borough - we welcome the trial of the electric bus on route 358 that starts next year
  • Extending cycle routes into a network that works borough wide 
  • Electric Charging Points - we want to see many more of the new “rapid” electric vehicle chargers across the boroughs to encourage people to consider electric cars when changing their vehicles
  • Introducing more 20mph zones and use of school streets schemes to make roads safer for all, including schoolchildren (see our road safety campaign)
  • Use of Healthy Streets schemes and, with appropriate consultation, low-traffic neighbourhoods to encourage alternative means of transport.

To contact the Bromley Liberal Democrats transport policy group, e-mail: [email protected]