Allan Tweddle

Allan Tweddle is the Lib Dem candidate for Farnborough & Crofton ward in the elections to Bromley Council on 5th May 2022.



Allan is a passionate advocate for a fairer society. He believes in freedom for everyone to reach their potential, and a local economy that makes it possible. He’s not a career politician. He’s standing for his family, his friends, his neighbours and everyone who wants a better Bromley. 

People are fed up with the main two parties and their stale vision for our future. He wants a Bromley that cares about our community. Allan will fight for a fairer, more caring and greener Bromley.

Allan grew up in Hartlepool but has lived in Orpington since 2001. He is a qualified chartered accountant, a governor at his local secondary school and a volunteer speaker for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. He is married, with two children.




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