Allan Tweddle GLA 2021

London Assembly

In the London 2021 elections on 6th May 2021, there will be three ballot papers: for the London Mayor, for the Bexley & Bromley constituency seat in the London Assembly, and for the all-London list for the London Assembly. 

Allan Tweddle is the Lib Dem candidate for Bexley & Bromley.



Allan is a passionate advocate for a fairer society. He believes in freedom for everyone to reach their potential, and a local economy that makes it possible. He’s not a career politician. He’s standing for his family, his friends, his neighbours and everyone who wants a better London.

People are fed up with the main two parties and their stale vision for our future. He wants a London that cares about our community. As London Assembly representative for Bromley, Allan will fight for a fairer, safer and greener London.

Allan grew up in Hartlepool but has lived in Orpington since 2001. He is a qualified chartered accountant, a governor at his local secondary school and a volunteer speaker for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. He is married, with two children.



For the Assembly 'list candidates' you vote for a party, eg Liberal Democrats, rather than an individual. Unusually for an English election this means that seats are distributed proportionately to votes. Party members vote for the order of candidates on the list. Averagely, a party can expect to have one candidate elected per 5% of vote share.

The Liberal Democrats are currently represented on the Assembly by Caroline Pidgeon. Our list candidates for 2021 in order are:

  1. Caroline Pidgeon
  2. Hina Bokhari
  3. Rob Blackie
  4. Chris Maines
  5. Joyce Onstad
  6. Irina von Wiese
  7. Hussain Khan
  8. Michael Bukola
  9. Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett
  10. Adetokunbo Fatukasi
  11. Charley Hasted


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