Albemarle Road Survey

In November Bromley Council made some major changes to traffic rules in Albemarle Road and the surrounding streets in Beckenham. 2 months on, we're keen to hear residents' views of how the new scheme is working out.  

The main changes were that Albemarle Road became one way for motor traffic, with a segregated cycleway and that the rail bridge on Westgate Road became one-directional.  

In principle we're in favour of any well thought out strategies for making cycling safer and more attractive in the borough, but this should be based on thorough and detailed consultation with residents, have a well planned implementation, and form part of a broader cycling strategy that provides cycling infrastructure on routes where they are needed. However the Council have recently told us that the 1300 consultation letters only focussed on a few roads (Albemarle Road, Westgate Road, Downs Bridge Road, Hazlehurst, Meadway and The Mead). Furthermore, not all local schools which are impacted by the road layout changes were consulted.

If you live in the area or are affected by the changes please fill in our survey here. We're keen to hear your views at the start of the scheme, your current views and whether you think the trial should continue.  You can remain anonymous if you prefer, but if you leave us your contact details we'll keep you informed about the results of the survey and the response from Bromley Council.  

Complete the survey here.

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