Albemarle Road and Westgate Road Bridge - tell Bromley Council your views

Bromley Council are running a survey on the 'experimental' and controversial Albemarle Road Cycle Scheme and closure of Westgate Road Bridge to two way traffic. 

The previous attempts at consultation fell well short of local peoples' expectations, with the scheme being implemented with almost no consultation. The decision to close Westgate Road Bridge to two-way traffic similarly implemented without consultation.  The first proper consultation carried out by the Council months after the scheme was implemented was undermined by the Conservative local ward Councillors doing their own much smaller 'alternate consultation' simultaneously (see our previous post).  

The Council are asking local residents and businesses to complete a survey by 12 November 2021. It's a short survey and the information you enter will go directly to the Council Officers managing the scheme.  We encourage all local people affected by the scheme, whether they live close by it or are impacted when they travel through Beckenham, to complete the survey.

Find out more on the Council's website here and complete the survey here.  You may also be interested in our campaign for a pedestrian crossing by Corner Ways Surgery (junction of Manor Rd, Bromley Rd and Wickham Rd), find out more here.




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