Air Quality


Much of south London has air quality that falls short of World Health Organisation standards. Bromley Council continues to collect limited data and turn a blind eye to the issue. And independent research has shown Bromley has the highest number of air quality related deaths in all of London despite being one of the greenest and least urban boroughs. 

In 2019, it is estimated 4000 people died unnecessarily due to poor air quality in London. Many more will develop breathing difficulties, including children, leading to long-term suffering. 

We will campaign for:

  • Continuing to resist the Biggin Hill airport expansion and pushing for ways to mitigate noise and air pollution from the existing air traffic
  • Adequate air quality monitoring, so problem areas can be investigated and appropriate action taken
  • Making greener modes of transport more attractive. From expanding the use of green buses and reviewing bus routes, to making streets safer so pedestrians and cyclists have the confidence to move away from cars. 
  • Decisive national plans on the climate, ensuring air quality and carbon emissions are curbed dramatically

With the council woefully disinterested in the issue, we have set up a network of air quality monitors across the borough, showing pollution at shocking levels. We have set out our response to Bromley's air quality action plan. The council's proposals fall woefully short of what is needed.

We demand the Tory-led Council do better: the Liberal Democrats believe Bromley deserves to be cleaner and greener. 

Sign our petition here for air quality to be improved, and vote Liberal Democrat for a fresh and green liberal voice in your local area. 

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