Serious traffic accidents on Bromley Roads

There have been three serious road accidents in Bromley Town over the last 3 days (3-5 Dec) underlining in the most graphic way that urgent action is needed to make Bromley roads safer.   

In one accident, on Homesdale Road, a local couple Nicky and Steve had just enjoyed an evening at Don Giovanni restaurant. Steve was in the car Nicky was just walking round the front to the driver's door when a car (a powerful SUV) hit their stationery car, overturning it and flipping Nicky into the air. Nicky is now facing a stay in hospital to undergo several operations to pin broken bones in her foot and leg. Understandably both Steve and Nicky are suffering from shock.  

Around the corner from this accident, there was a serious incident the night before in Woldham Road where a grey van and car collided which sent the car into a resident's fence on the corner of Gundulph Road. In another incident on Beckenham Lane near the junction with Blyth Road a car was flippped onto its roof.   

Car speed in Bromley is one of the biggest issues highlighted to us when we talk to residents and incidents like this underline our concern.   We can't know what other factors might have been at play here but car speed will have contributed to the severity of these incidents.   Read more about our campaign for safer streets here.  


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