'Back off our BBC!' say Lib Dems

Responding to DCMS Secretary Nadine Dorries' comments regarding the future of the BBC, Liberal Democrat Jamie Stone MP said:

“This latest Tory attack on the BBC threatens to destroy a service which is respected around the world for its high quality content. Freezing the license fee represents a stealth cut of almost £2 billion that will put services, including local radio stations and children's programming, at risk. What’s worse, there is no clarity about the future and threadbare funding will only further chip away at our cherished national broadcaster. Our world leading creative industries support thousands of jobs, but Nadine Doris only cares about trying to silence unfavourable headlines. The Government must stop this reckless ideological crusade and back off our BBC.”

A strong, politically independent BBC plays a key role in our democracy, our creative industries, and our daily lives. The Conservatives’ war with the BBC is no secret. Dominic Cumming’s think tank described the BBC as the Conservatives’ “mortal enemy”. This Government has forced the cost of free licenses for over-75s onto the BBC.

Our public service broadcaster is an asset to this country. It delivers diverse, cultural and accessible programming that would not otherwise get made by private broadcasters. The BBC’s funding model allows it to take risks with its creative output, nurturing up and coming British talent. As one of the top four most recognised British brands internationally, the BBC helps promote the UK around the world.

This Conservative Government do not seem to have any respect for British institutions... not the Queen, nor the NHS, nor the BBC. They cannot be trusted to undertake funding reform of our precious BBC.

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