Time for 20 mph speed limits in Bromley

New research shows a significant and substantial reduction in emissions in areas with 20 mph speed limits.   This comes as Lib Dem controlled Oxfordshire County Council announce their plans to make 20 mph the default speed limit in the county.  

The research on the impact of 20 mph speed limits comes from engineering consultants, Skyrad, who have modelled the impact of capping speeds at 20mph vs. 30mph. This “real life” modelling that takes account of the stop/start nature of urban traffic gives a very different result from traditional steady-state models. It shows significant and substantial reductions in emissions: CO2 lower by 26% and NOx 28% lower. In addition to improving road safety for all road users this research strengthens our campaign to see more 20 mph zones in Bromley.

Oxfordshire County Council - now controlled by Liberal Democrats - have announced their plans to make 20 mph the default speed limit in the county.   Councillor Tim Bearder, Oxfordshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance, said: “It’s a hugely ambitious vision for Oxfordshire that can create a safer pace and a safer place. Making 20mph the new 30mph sits at the heart of all our active travel plans. Without this shift we'll never be able to persuade residents to make cycling and walking the natural first choice and reduce the dominance of vehicles in the hearts our towns and villages.

"I firmly believe this is an important step on the road to improving health and wellbeing. Combined with other measures it can create healthy, dynamic community spaces. There is huge local interest and desire to deliver 20mph within the county and the proposed policy and approach should make it easier and more cost effective to implement.  You can see more about Oxfordshire's proposals here.  


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