London 2021

On May 6th 2021, the London Mayoral and Greater London Authority (GLA) elections are going ahead.

There will be three ballot papers: for the London Mayor, for the Bexley & Bromley constituency seat in the London Assembly, and for the all-London list for the London Assembly. 

Luisa Porritt is the Lib Dem mayoral candidate.

Allan Tweddle is the Lib Dem candidate for Bexley & Bromley.

For the Assembly 'list candidates' you vote for a party, eg Liberal Democrats, rather than an individual. Unusually for an English election this means that seats are distributed proportionately to votes. The candidates are elected in an order decided by party members. 

The Liberal Democrats are currently represented on the Assembly by Caroline Pidgeon

You can register to vote by post here


Luisa Porritt: London Mayor Candidate Alan Tweddle: Bexley & Bromley London Assembly Candidate


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