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The new Bullers Wood School for Boys will open on this site (corner of Masons Hill and Westmoreland Road) on 10 September 2018.   If they win their appeal against the refusal of planning permission on their intended long term site (St Hugh's playing fields) they are expected to move by the end of 2019 (see our page on school places). 

The SHaW Academy had their application to build a 1260 pupil secondary school on this site refused in 2017 and they are appealing this decision.   It now seems likely that the school will be built on this site as it has appeared in Bromley Council's School Place Strategy.  

The LibDems are opposed to using this site for a large secondary school.  We continue to support the creation of Bullers Wood School for Boys as well as the SHaW Academy but not on this site.   We supported the decision to locate BWSB here for a short term period that would enable the school to start accepting pupils - a vital step in the formation of this much wanted and community-backed school.  However as a permanent site for a large secondary school it is simply not right - see background information below.  

Local residents are opposed to the siting of a school here - we have carried out our own opinion poll, and there are community groups who have spoken out against it.   Local conservative councillors have promised their support to these groups, but the Council released their School Place Strategy document shortly after the election and the SHaW Academy features in this plan as an essential part of their strategy to cope with the shortage of secondary school places in the Borough.  It also features in the recently released Masterplan for the High Street.  

What can you do?

In order to ensure no school is located on this site, the area must lose its designation as a suitable site for an educational establishment; the local plan is still in draft so it is not too late to change this.   The local Conservative councillors have pledged to oppose the school, but unless there is a change to the designation these are empty promises.  Please write or email to them to ask that they take the necessary steps for this redesignation.  

Please sign our petition against siting this school here



Bromley Lib Dems opposed the planning application to locate a new secondary school for 1260 children on this site. We recognise the desperate shortage of secondary school places in the Borough and support the concept of this school with a focus on health and wellbeing subjects. However, this site is deeply flawed:


1. The school’s tiny footprint - necessitating a 10-storey building with no playing fields and very limited outside space.

2. The school will be in an area suffering from high levels of air pollution.

3. Local transport links are already at capacity at peak times and are likely to be exacerbated in the absence of a comprehensive travel plan and the increased pressure on bus services whilst, in the opinion of TfL, vastly overestimating the pupils likely to cycle or take the train to school. Without coordinated efforts from key stakeholders such as TfL and the Council to improve cycling infrastructure in and around this site, children cannot be expected to cycle to this school.


4. Pedestrian access in and around the site is already far too narrow in several places and nearby pedestrian crossing islands are narrow and badly designed and only one crossing is set to be widened as part of the scheme; no development of this site should be permitted without a commitment from the council, the developer and other interested parties to redevelop this junction to improve pedestrian safety.




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