Opposition to Site of New Academy

Bromley Lib Dems are opposing the site of the new secondary school for 1260 children proposed at 1 Westmoreland Road (the old DHSS building). We recognise the desperate shortage of secondary school places in the Borough and therefore support the concept of this school with a focus on health and wellbeing subjects. However, the site chosen is deeply flawed:



1. The school’s tiny footprint - necessitating a 10-storey building with no playing fields and very limited outside space.

2. The school will be in an area suffering from high levels of air pollution.

3. Local transport links are already at capacity at peak times and are likely to be exacerbated in the absence of a comprehensive travel plan and the increased pressure on bus services whilst, in the opinion of TfL, vastly overestimating the pupils likely to cycle or take the train to school

4. Pedestrian access in and around the site is already far too narrow in several places and pedestrian crossing islands narrow and badly designed; no development of this site should be permitted without a commitment from the council, the developer and other interested parties to redevelop this junction to improve pedestrian safety

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** Update ***

A revised application has been submitted for a planning hearing on 16th November - we will email everyone who has expressed an interest with details of the time and location so we can get as many people to attend.  As part of the revised application there are some snap shots of the revised application for the school (shown above). A completely new look more sympathetic to the predominance of brick locally, widened pavements on the corner of Masons Hill (but not further down Westmoreland road), and the Masons Hill pedestrian crossing widened by 1m. We don't think these changes go far enough to address the road safety and other concerns with 1200 school children flooding the streets at home/lunch times on such a busy junction but we'd love to hear your views.  

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