Beckenham and Penge (Clock House)

Hello and welcome to the page for your local Liberal Democrat council candidates for Clock House - Mike Jones, Adam Bambrough and Ana Maria Grundill.  

We're looking forward to the next few months of campaigning and want to hear from as many local residents as possible on how you think we can improve Bromley. We'll be out knocking doors and would love to hear your feedback; you can fill out our online resident survey here.  

Who Are We?




Mike Jones is a retired teacher and is married with three adult children. He has lived with his wife near Kent House station in Beckenham since 1986 and loves living in the area.

Mike only joined the Lib Dems in 2015, but had voted for the party consistently through his life. He wants to be a councillor in Clock House because he believes that Bromley council is not doing the jobs that people want it to do. It is one of London’s richest boroughs but only seems interested in holding on to this money, and not spending it.

Mike is particularly interested in protecting vital local services from cuts and expanding them in areas that are important, such as increasing secondary school places, tackling speeding vehicles, keeping our streets clean and protecting our children from muggers. He believes his volunteering since retirement will help him be a hardworking councillor. He volunteers in a local library, where he enjoys helping people get online, apply for Freedom passes or fill in forms for local and national organisations. He is a volunteer co-ordinator for Sustrans - the walking and cycling charity - and is very keen on transport issues.




Adam Bambrough was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, but moved to London in 2004.  He has lived in Bromley for six years with his partner Monique and two young children.

He was previously an award winning professional actor for thirteen years, but is now Artistic Director of The 42nd Theatre Company, runs the Theatrical Guild, a small charity for those who work in theatre and find themselves in times of need, and is part of the counselling team at the National Theatre.

 Adam is a new member of the Liberal Democrats and is standing as a candidate for the first time.

 ‘I have chosen to stand as a candidate in Clock House as this is my home and where I plan to raise my family.  I could no longer stand by and watch the current council continue to cut vital services, damage the lives of local residents and fail to invest in our collective potential.  If elected, I would bring a fresh energy and enthusiasm to the Council, engage with the local community that we have been chosen to represent, and work tirelessly to improve both the area as a whole, not just select areas, and the lives of our fellow residents’.


Twitter: @adambambrough

Facebook: Adam Bambrough


Anamaria Grundill has skills that will make her an excellent representative of the people of Clock House. She has been involved as a human rights activist for many years, she is currently studying law and diplomacy, and has a strong business background.   She works as a paralegal in Peckham, and has seen the struggles many young people are going through.  She has been a LibDem activist for the last 3 years campaigning around the country, supporting the campaigns of Nick Clegg, Liz Lefman and Sarah Olney to name just a few.   Her experience of talking to voters across these constituencies has given her a true insight into this country's feeling about Brexit and how much European citizens have to offer.  She has chosen to pursue a legal career in order to understand and help reform the legal system.   She is committed to the party and the borough, she is determined to work for the benefit of the community, with a particular emphasis on creating a strategy for the development of new businesses and support for young entrepreneurs, more help for schools in providing additional extra-curricular education, road safety, and not least a firm commitment to oppose Brexit.